"Nanning urban rail transit network planning (2020-2035)

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Recently, Nanning Municipal Bureau of natural resources released the "Nanning urban rail transit network planning (2020-2035) public notice", which shows that the network plan of Nanning urban rail transit network during the planning period consists of 13 lines, including 8 common rail lines, 1 loop rail line and 4 express rail lines, with a scale of about 599.4km, and constructs a multi-level "loop + radiation" and "express + common rail" It improves the comprehensive transportation service level of the city.

The planning is based on the "ten" shaped rail framework and "well" shaped radial network built by the existing lines in Nanning City, combined with the spatial pattern of metropolitan area proposed by the land and space planning.

Among them, combined with the planning spatial structure of the main urban area and the layout of external railway and highway hubs, the ring line and eight common rail lines are constructed to support the planning and development of the main and sub centers of the city; combined with the four urban development directions of airport new town, Wuming District, Liujing new town, Nama and Datang Group, four rail express lines are constructed to provide service coverage, and shorten the peripheral new town and the main urban area To support the planning and development of Nanning metropolitan area.

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