The overall conceptual plan of Shenzhen Shantou (Nanshan) high tech Industrial Park was released

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Today, I would like to share with you a bid winning scheme for the conceptual master plan of the high-tech industrial park. The Industrial Park hopes to adopt the "enclave economy" model to explore efficient and reasonable industrial cooperation and benefit distribution mechanisms such as "headquarters + base, R & D + production, wisdom + application". The project is positioned as: a high-tech industrial intelligent manufacturing cluster in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao with integration of industry and city, suitable for Industry and living, and clear intention of industrial introduction; A science and technology new town with regional integration, facing the future, distinct image and excellent quality; Build a high-end advanced intelligent manufacturing industry highland of "Nanshan headquarters + Shenzhen Shantou base" and strive to build a model of regional cooperation.

The design key points of the winning scheme are as follows:

1. In the overall conceptual urban design, the design team built a functional system with "advanced intelligent manufacturing enterprises and people" as the service core, and created a new intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park facing the future through four design strategies: landscape toughness, efficiency and convenience, flexibility and order, and people-oriented enjoyment.

2. Several key words of design

Landscape resilience: integrated into the urban landscape pattern, combined with the natural mountains and catchment network, multiple north-south ecological green corridors are set inside to form the green space skeleton with the Central Green Valley and landscape corridors as the core, and create a sponge ecological and resilient city at the source of western Shenzhen and Shantou.

Efficient and convenient: relying on Shenzhen Shantou Avenue and other urban trunk roads, organize rapid dredging of freight traffic flow lines, combined with medium volume rail transit and stations in the future, build a public transport access network, build a convenient Western portal link between Shenzhen Shantou Special Cooperation Zone and Shenzhen, and create an efficient and convenient city with separation of people and goods.

Flexible and orderly: focus on the production space demand of intelligent modeling enterprises in Nanshan District, grasp the rise law of the industrial park, and consider the overall development sequence from start to maturity. In terms of layout, consider sharing industrial service facilities, promote creative exchanges among industries, introduce the concept of industry 4.0 in the future, guide the upgrading and transformation of the industrial park to an intelligent comprehensive park with complex functions, and build a city with orderly development and flexible composite.

People oriented enjoyment: highlight the humanistic thought in the design, and design a series of urban open spaces to interact with the crowd to meet the needs of different activities. Build a three-dimensional, diversified and interactive space scene, and build a livable and industrial city community.

3. The phase I architectural scheme emphasizes the landing and flexibility of space use, and takes into account the portal image. The design focuses on three dimensions: module efficiency, science and technology ecology and flexible sharing.

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