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  • New data:1 km-grid population distributions from 2020 to 2100 globally under shared socioeco

    Spatially explicit population grid can play an important role in climate change, resource managemen...

    admin 997 0 2022-09-13

  • Where can I download the 2021 China statistical yearbook?

    The 2021 China Statistical Yearbook is available for download. You don't need to buy books. You...

    admin 1870 0 2021-11-29

  • Website recommendation: GBIF, a data website on Biodiversity

    Biodiversity is a hot field recently. Here is a website to recommend the data on biodiversity: GBIF...

    admin 955 0 2021-10-19

  • Where are the strategic emerging industrial land in Guangzhou,China mainly distributed

    Data report sharing, where are the strategic emerging industrial land in Guangzhou mainly distribut...

    admin 1019 0 2021-10-18

  • Is there a website that can express urban population data?

    We found a website that can express the population of the city online, including the population dat...

    admin 1056 0 2021-10-13

  • Global Carbon Grid Map and Data

    The GID team will continue to develop the Global Carbon Grid products by integrating more high-reso...

    admin 1054 0 2021-10-08

  • World Airport Distribution Data Map

    Today I will share with you a data source from It is a data source for sh...

    admin 1074 0 2021-10-06

  • Application of spatiotemporal big data technology in land spatial planning: Six application scenarios and four application stages

    Six application scenarios of spatio—temporal big data technology in land spatial planningAt present...

    admin 1000 0 2021-09-08

  • The modeling software unity 3D engine automatically generates a virtual city based on the real city street network

    According to the data of the open source map OpenStreetMap (hereinafter referred to as "OSM"), a Da...

    Anonymous 1074 0 2021-09-08

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