"One city, one image" in the urban design of five new towns in Shanghai

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"One city, one image" in the urban design of five new towns in Shanghai

Identify the differentiated characteristics and current problems of the spatial development of the five new towns of "Jia, Qing, song, Feng and Nan", and adopt different spatial strategies according to local conditions to shape the urban spatial image.

Jiading new town pays attention to the spatial "coupling" strategy, connects the ancient and modern with the time - space axis of Hengli, creates the functional framework of the new urban area with the Purple East axis, forms a central activity area serving the radiation of Jiakun Taiyuan area with the center of yuanxianghu new town, and strengthens the mutual echo and compound derivation of various development elements of Jiading new town in function and space by reshaping the "two axes and one mind" The urban image of "ancient and modern, regular atmosphere and double axis cluster heart".

Qingpu new town focuses on the "superposition" strategy of space, takes the water network as an important link to organize the space of Qingpu new town, organically overlaps the road network, green network, public services and other elements, focuses on building the "Shang" development axis and characteristic island chain along dongdaying port, Shangda River and Dianpu River, combines the core functions of the city with the island chain space, and pays attention to building the most Jiangnan City according to water The spatial relationship of "people, water and city" shapes the urban image of "high beauty, the most Jiangnan and innovative core".

Songjiang new town will strengthen the spatial "suture" strategy of different functional areas in terms of key elements such as function, culture, environment and transportation. It will build a north - south double center, strengthen the penetration of ecology and culture, the connection between function and transportation, and create an urban image of "landscape, Shanghai Root and science and innovation corridor".

Fengxian new town focuses on the unique central ecological forest land resources, highlights the "aggregation" strategy in space, takes "central forest" and "people's ring" as important spatial carriers, and solves the problems such as insufficient central characteristics of the new town and functional division of Jiugong plate by aggregating multiple elements, so as to shape the urban image of "forest pole core, sparse and beautiful, and Jiugong cluster core" as a whole.

Nanhui new town optimizes the relatively dispersed and homogeneous spatial layout around Dishui Lake, strengthens the "convergence" strategy of function, space and transportation, and forms the urban image of "international wind, sense of future and sea lake charm" as a whole.

In the process of construction, the first is to make public participation and listen to opinions widely. Recently, the city and district have held various promotion activities on the planning and construction of new towns, and various industry associations and research groups have also organized theme seminars. The Municipal Bureau of planning and resources has also carried out "I cheer for the planning and construction of five new towns" under the guidance of the Municipal People's proposal collection office Nearly 600 people's opinions were collected through various channels, forming a good trend for all social parties to participate in the construction of the new town.

Second, give full play to the supporting role of expert think tanks and university teams. Build a whole process expert consultation mechanism, set up a municipal expert consultation group for new town planning and construction, and continue to give full play to the role of expert teams in planning, policy - making and decision - making consultation. At the same time, according to the latest concepts and standards at home and abroad, cooperate with professional teams such as Shanghai New Town Construction Research Center of Tongji University Carry out forward - looking research and strengthen professional and technical reserves.

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