London 2070 - Resilient Our vision for the future city region

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Today I recommend the report from AECOM, London 2070 - Resilient Our vision for the future city region. PDF file is from

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Welcome to our London 2070 report, which sets out our vision for the future city region.

Cities are constantly evolving – never more so than now. The London metropolitan area is facing acute social, economic and environmental challenges caused by a combination of urgencies: recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, climate change mitigation and keeping pace with unprecedented technological change.

To meet these challenges, we need to think well beyond today. Our London 2070 report deliberately sets out to look beyond most policy makers’ timelines in order to think beyond what has already been imagined. We start with the three main challenges facing London today: inequality, the need for resilience, and connectivity, then set out 10 big ideas for the future of the city region, covering economy, community, homes, town centres, transport, healthcare, energy and resources, food, water, and environment.

Whilst these ideas cannot be exhaustive, they highlight opportunities which should form part of a coordinated plan that can be progressed now for the long-term success of London and its city region.

In an era of growing inequality in the capital and nationally, and to have a pro-active response to accommodating climate change, we need a city that is resilient, interconnected, responsible and balanced – this is our vision for London 2070.

The challenges

Historically, the challenges faced by the London City Region have originated from accelerated but unbalanced economic growth. Those challenges still remain, but have taken on a different hue since the pandemic: the adoption of new digital tools and travel habits suggest that there is a long-term and profound shift in the way we work and use our cities.

Our cities also need to adapt to the existential challenge of the climate emergency, with actions driven by formal declarations of governments and city mayors. London has not been built to deal with rising temperatures, unpredictable weather events and water scarcity. The city and its hinterland cannot ignore these issues, and the response must shape future development.

Crucially, these challenges can’t be dealt with locally, or simply within Greater London. They require a joined-up approach to guide successful, resilient growth and infrastructure investment. Our recovery from the pandemic should be a catalyst to stimulate the adoption of new ways of living and working in this global metropolitan city region to create a sustainable legacy by 2070.

In the introductory section of the report, we outline the key challenges facing this highly productive yet sometimes fragile city region that will impact future patterns of growth, development, protection and investment. Each of these challenges need to be addressed over the long term – which is why we have chosen a horizon of 2070. We focus on:

Inequality – both in the city region and between London and the rest of the UK

Resilience – and the capacity of the city to respond to, adapt, and recover from environmental and economic shocks

Connectivity – keeping ahead of rapidly changing technologies and travel patterns

10 big ideas

What might a resilient, interconnected, responsible and balanced city region look like in 2070? Experts and thought leaders within our business have pooled their knowledge and aspirations to imagine ten big ideas covering economy, community, homes, town centres, transport, healthcare, energy and resources, food, water, and environment.

The report sets the context for each big idea by imagining the journey over the next five decades, including recommended actions that policymakers, architects, designers, engineers and planners can take to get us there.

Economy:Unlock growth potential through high performing economic clusters

Community:An ambitious new programme of Mark 2 garden communities

Homes:A new standard for carbon-conscious, resilient homes

Town centres:Reimagining town centres as local civic hubs

Healthcare:Optimising healthcare real estate to support preventative, genetic-led treatment in the home

Transport:Integrating transport and digital communications systems to create seamless multi-channelled connectivity

Energy and resources:Waste becomes a valuable commodity

Food:Pay farmers for social good

Water:Value H2O as a public asset, rather than a resource

Environment:Uncovering the region's forgotten rivers to realise a blue-green spine for London

Download:London 2070 - Resilient Our vision for the future city region

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