How to convert vector coordinates, QGIS plug-in download recommendation, WGS84, BD09, GCJ02

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We know that for encryption, there are Baidu and Gaode coordinates in China, corresponding to bd09 and gcj02 coordinates respectively. In many cases, we still want to convert to unified WGS84 coordinates. At this time, we need a third-party tool.


QGIS is a free and open source GIS tool. It can easily connect with Python. Therefore, many enthusiastic friends have developed easy-to-use plug-ins. The following is the recommended tool for WGS84, bd09 and gcj02 coordinates, polar coordinate conversion.

Click here to download this tool: GeoHey Tools

If you haven't installed QGIS, you can click here to install it:

The tool directly uses the zip installation method. After installation, the conversion interface is as follows, which can be selected freely.


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