Very interesting data, Americans walk more than ever before

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Photo by Pille Kirsi from Pexels

According to data reported by Apple Mobile, during the flu pandemic, the number of people walking in each region of the country increased, and the Midwest region increased by 122%. As Patrick McGregor reported, the search for the direction of travel has increased at an alarming rate as epidemic restrictions have gradually weakened.

Because public transportation allows people to maintain close contact with others in a closed space, “walking, biking, or running to the destination is more attractive and healthier than squeezing on the subway.”

"Milwaukee and Virginia Beach, Virginia, are walking more residents than ever before-reaching their highest levels of 178% and 187% in July, respectively, far exceeding the growth in driving anywhere else in the country." , "Walking searches in Jacksonville, Florida.; Sacramento, California.; Even after a full rebound in June 2020, Phoenix continues to climb. Compared to January 13, 2020, these searches increased by 70%, respectively. 65% and 48%."

In some cities, such as Boston, Austin, Chicago, and New York City, public transportation usage has also rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. "In general, we as a country seem to be moving more and more. Moreover, although these data do not include air travel or hotel reservations, finding direction is a very powerful indicator of travel regardless of economic conditions. " 

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