Innovation Park: Facebook's new headquarters mpk20

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1. Facebook's new headquarters, mpk20, is located at the edge of the Bay Area in Menlo Park, California. This area covers only 89000 square meters and has a roof garden of about 36000 square meters. It is praised by the American Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA) as "a workplace for landscape" ". mpk20 is located in a very limited site. The vast salt field in the North extends to the Bay, and the railway in the South separates the park from the residential area. This marginal site with poor environment brings great challenges to the design of Facebook's new headquarters.

2. The new headquarters of mpk20 is conceived as "a huge room". Different from the magnificent high-rise buildings in the impression, mpk20 is only 21.3m high. The whole building complex is designed as a unique office building and the largest open office space in the world. The basement is a parking lot, the building is an office and the roof is an open garden.

3. From a distance, the new headquarters looks like a "huge aquarium" , all the internal floors and all the activities of employees can be seen at a glance. No employee has a private office or partition. It uses one floor to provide a flexible and open office space for 2800 employees, creating a workplace full of vitality and sustainable development. Employees can discuss and exchange ideas and ideas anytime and anywhere. There are creative graffiti everywhere in the room on the wall Many improvised works are completed on blackboards and whiteboards with chalk. These "graffiti" range from slogans such as "stay focused, continue to launch products" and "completion is more important than perfection" to some inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship scenes.

4. The mpk20 building itself is not gorgeous, but very pragmatic. In addition to hundreds of trees, full of grass, a coffee shop and an 800m long corridor, these provide Facebook staff with an excellent thinking space and an excellent place to discuss while walking. The wide terrace on the office floor provides plenty of leisure space and outdoor dining space. The stairs, slopes and elevators running through the whole building can lead directly to the roof. The concave convex garden adds vitality to the landscape and forms a closer relationship with the indoor space. A series of art installations, sun shading structures and wind barriers are interspersed between the landscape to bring comfortable and attractive assembly and social space. In addition, mpk20 is connected with the office headquarters in the East through an underground tunnel Even people who travel to and from the office arrive on foot or by bike.

5. As the landmark building of the headquarters center, mpk20 is also a part of the planning and iteration process of the park. In addition to the open, free and creative office space, the most surprising thing of mpk20 is its huge roof garden. The design team integrates the park with the office, and provides services for the development of outdoor space, the layout of leisure facilities and social space, the planning of traffic flow line and landscape A series of guiding frameworks are constructed for the application of ecological system and hydrological system.

6. The functional space design strategy of mpk20 fully reflects the mobility, flexibility and social interaction that contemporary science and technology office space should have, as well as the important role of culture, place and design in enterprise development. With the development of the park, this barren site will become a huge network of social space and landscape, which will not only connect the community, but also bring more opportunities Public path and habitat.


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