Waterfront design: master plan of barangaroo south area in Sydney

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1. Barangaroo South master plan project is the largest urban renewal project in Sydney since 2000. The most prominent thing in the whole project is the change of waterfront space. Planners hope to build it into a world-class dynamic new coastal Financial District, integrating office space, senior community, dynamic shopping, commerce, hotel and public space. In the future, this 22 hectare area will have more than half of the public space and 2.2 kilometers of coastal walking space.

2. Barangaroo area: a 22 hectare area located at the container terminal on the West Bank edge of Sydney Central Business District.

3. Barangaroo South mixed functional zone: a mixed development zone covering an area of 7.7 hectares, including commercial, apartment, community, retail, leisure space, hotel, restaurant, etc. more than half of the first floor of the building will be developed in combination with public space to ensure its publicity.

4. Business office: three Super office buildings are arranged in the unique port terminal area. The office building stands above the podium and shares the urban infrastructure below the podium.

5. Retail business: the mixed retail space is about 16000 m2, including restaurants, coffee shops, bars, health, beauty, life, convenience stores, etc.

6. Residence: a combination of high-rise and low-rise residence, about 900 apartments.

7. Hotels: crown Sydney resort is the main international hotel to increase tourism competitiveness.

8. Transportation: the hotel provides a bus directly to Wynyard railway station. Barangaroo ferry center officially started operation in June 2017. New public transport routes + bicycle lanes, taxis, etc. constitute the regional transportation network. Barangaroo metro station, located in the center of the area, will be completed in 2024.

9. Sustainable development: barangaroo aims to become one of the world's leading sustainable urban areas and the largest carbon neutral community in Australia. In terms of sustainable development of buildings, barangaroo's buildings are strongly supported by low-carbon and renewable energy.

10. Public space: more than half of the sites in this area are used as public space, including urban parks, public docks, coastal promenades, squares, streets, etc. the 2.2km long Waterfront Promenade connects darling port. Citizens and tourists can walk from darling port to the waterfront promenade.

11. Central barangaroc: connecting Binhai and financial business district, it is the core area for the development of culture and public space. It is a dynamic space of entertainment + park.

12. Barangaroo point reserve: the varied coastal footpath divides the boundary of the natural park, and the originally hard paved area has been transformed into a more natural place. In order to better connect with the natural park, the park and water used the form of natural transition before, so people can get closer to the water here.

13. Hickson Park and watermans Cove: including a new Sydney Harbour, a new park, a new coastal corridor and a public pier. Watermans Cove is designed as a amphitheater style leisure space. The square is mainly made of wood pavement. It is a destination for gathering and leisure. It unfolds along the water surface. The amphitheater space provides an excellent place for activities, entertainment, art and music.

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