What is the "Shanghai Golden central development belt"

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"Golden central development belt" is a key construction project launched in July 2020 in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. Located in the 28.7km central Pudong section of Pudong New Area, a large number of major construction and major projects will be successively implemented, which will become the highlight of the development of Pudong area in Shanghai during the "14th five year plan" period.

Pudong section of central accounts for about 41% (28.7 km) of the total length of the central line. The hinterland of 3-4 km on both sides is about 108 square kilometers, and about 10 square kilometers of construction land can be added. Among them, the "3 + 5" key areas include the central activity area of foreshore, Zhangjiang sub center and Jinqiao sub center, as well as Hudong Shipyard, Zhangjiang power gathering port, Yuqiao area, xinyangsi block (Gaoqing area) and Junxi town (Sanlin area).