Community Planning: Grand-Pré community planning

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1. The connection between the new city and the old city is realized through the "mirror" effect. The new city is the transformation of the old city structure, especially the street front of rue du grand PR é. The extension of space, scale, vision and pedestrian permeability and the subsequent spatial sequence are shown in the analysis. The City Project advocates mixed combination, concentrating different parts of the environment into the project site.

2. In the first phase of the construction project (2010-2012), the same materials and proportions as those in the old urban area are used to maintain a certain degree of coordination. The balance of scale itself is a quasi three-dimensional picture interpretation of the essence of the village. Just like the subconscious materialization left by the old city, it still remains in the urban area of crans PR è S-C é ligny, representing the traditional and aesthetic demands.

3. The outdoor places in the grand PR é community are based on the transformation from inorganic to green organic and from public to private. Construction projects must conform to the concept of urban planning. The added limestone has diversified the scale of the building and is connected with the existing rural materials.



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