Pastoral complex: "Tianfu Xinxing Hesheng pastoral Oriental"

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1. The project is located in Chengdu area of Tianfu new area. Xinxing street is from north to south, close to Sansheng Township, bailuwan Wetland Park and Lanting Art Village, a national 4A scenic spot. It borders Ziyi aromatherapy Valley in the south, and logistics parks and industrial parks under construction in the West and East. It has good geographical and resource advantages.

2. With the implementation of various Rural Revitalization work, the middle class and traditional farming population have a trend of regional integration, so how to guide the integration of social culture through spatial design? "Tianfu Xinxing · Hesheng pastoral East" was discussed.

3. Designers mainly take the relationship between "space, time and cognition" as the theme, continue the original base, and create a new look through texture adjustment and integration of settlements.

4. The specific design method is to divide the base into three main zones: "Aishang Pastoral", "LOHAS Pastoral" and "Chuangzhi Pastoral", which undertake cultural and creative, leisure and office functions respectively.





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