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1. Wuxi Tianyuan Dongfang phase II (hereinafter referred to as phase II) is located in Yangshan Town, Wuxi, the "hometown of honey peach in China". The construction of phase II is not only complementary to the construction of phase I, but also a perfect process for the whole project. It pays more attention to the coordinated development of infrastructure and Commerce in Yangshan town.

2. The project takes "emotional carving" as the central idea, and puts more emphasis on "people-oriented". At the same time, it also makes construction in line with its needs for the new third kind of people - new farmers.

3. Phase II project is mainly composed of a commercial street and two theme pastoral parks; The peach story hall at the south entrance of the town is a representative building of the whole block, which reflects the local culture in terms of building materials and the essence of pastoral architecture in terms of structure; In terms of business format, it is also different from the traditional rural planning. There are "cafes" combined with the countryside.

4. How to think about the sustainable development of the countryside and how to combine the local traditional and modern technology for construction is a subject worthy of consideration by the designer. The designer of the project believes that it can create a scene of the blending of modern urban and rural civilization.




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