City Park: 06 Eldo guaquito Park

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1. Erdogauaquito 06 park is designed to transform this public space into a tool to eliminate turbulence, violence, disorder and disease. It aims to become a place for community residents to relax. It is equipped with public facilities suitable for all ages, which can benefit 16000 nearby residents.

2. Community residents participate in the design of the park. Some activities bring them together to participate in the construction of the park space by asking questions and telling needs. Social activities, hiking exploration and interest classes are part of these activities, which were held before the construction of this public space, which in turn created a suitable starting point for the project.

3. The park uses several different ways to protect the environment. The merging of natural roads not only respects and traces back the old paths used by park users, but also promotes the operation of the natural drainage system. The water running around the ground can flow back to the land. The use of native vegetation, infiltration ditches, low consumption environmental protection batteries, solar lights and the retention of original trees are all part of the project's contribution to the environment.

4. As a design strategy and the identification of site characteristics (terrain and vegetation), the park makes use of its own small landform and the original bicycle ring road to create different experiences for users. These existing conditions are conducive to the expansion of small hills and create entertainment spaces such as slides, cable cars and rock climbing walls.



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