Wetland Park: Wetland reconstruction of meganathan Park in Seattle, USA

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1. Background of wetland restoration and reconstruction project: before Europeans settled in Seattle, meganathan Park in Seattle, the United States, was covered by wetlands, red Poplar Forests and fir forests, which is a rich type of wildlife habitat. European development of the area dried up the original streams, while the construction of the U.S. naval base completely changed the landscape of the area, and mount lake was completely buried.

2. In the 1970s, with the efforts of Senator Megan Nathan, the naval base was retained as a park land, but the problems such as flat terrain, hardened soil and poor drainage brought many difficulties to the park reconstruction.

3. According to the phased transformation plan formulated by Seattle Park and recreation Bureau, the design team will transform the southern and Eastern plots of the park into rich wetland communities through terrain reconstruction, water restoration and vegetation management, and strive to restore the ecological environment of the park with wetland reconstruction and reconstruction.

4. Rebuild the site topography. Simulate the wetland habitat sequence of xeric, swamp, shallow water and deep water, increase the edge of wetland habitat through dikes, bays, continents and islands, excavate several ponds and wetlands in different forms in the plot near Lake Washington, and create an area with rich terrain and landform.

5. Rainwater runoff is used as wetland water source. By laying permeable synthetic turf and reasonable slope design, the rainwater runoff of sports venues, parking lots and roads is introduced into the wetland, and the purified rainwater in the community is discharged into the inlet wetland through underground pipelines.

6. Rebuild urban wetland habitat through vegetation management. Urban wetland habitat will be reconstructed by removing invasive and diseased vegetation and introducing native vegetation.

7. The restored and reconstructed wetland community in the reconstructed meganathan Park maintains the water flow mode from west to East, maintains a high water body coverage, and the water quality has also been significantly improved. About 80% of the newly planted native plants survive; The species and populations of insects, waterfowls, birds and amphibians have increased.

8. Now meganathan Park integrates entertainment and environmental protection. The designer skillfully uses the existing resources to reconstruct it, forming a resource rich wetland, playground and sidewalk transportation system, which has more far-reaching educational significance.


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