Six new tracks of meta universe economy

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Track 1: Digital Collection

The domestic digital collection market started late, and the supervision was strict. Therefore, the industry formed is relatively shallow. Among many domestic digital collection market participants, technology service providers provide basic blockchain technology and related services as the infrastructure layer of digital collections. Many digital collection casting platforms provide digital collection suppliers with a package of solutions for casting, issuing and selling digital collections, and have become a primary trading market in the domestic digital collection industry. In addition, although most domestic digital collections are issued in PGC or UPGC mode, in terms of quantity alone, 90% of the suppliers with copyrights are individuals (data as of the end of 2021), which forms a situation where most of the leading suppliers are enterprises or organizations, and the supply of digital collections issued by them exceeds demand, and there is no market for them; Followed by excellent individual suppliers and the second tier of enterprise suppliers, and finally a large number of ordinary individual suppliers. It has formed a pyramid structure with three levels and distinct levels.

Track 2: Games

This article judges that the content industry under the new organizational form of the Internet will inevitably have new breakthroughs: 1) content density and interaction will rise to a new level; 2) Users have greater freedom and authority; 3) Decentralization of distribution. The two major development directions of the game field: UGC games and blockchain games have obtained the basic assistance of their development and are expected to become the vanguard of the meta universe wave.

Track 3: virtual human

The development of virtual human has gone through four stages: germination, exploration, high-speed development and diversity development. At present, it is in a diversified development stage, the technology continues to mature, and the development direction is diverse. The hyper realistic virtual human transcends the 2D form and can achieve independent emotional expression and communication. Virtual human has sprouted from early hand-painted and 2D animation, and introduced the concept of virtual human from the film and television music industry. In the exploration stage, thanks to the development of computers, computer graphics and mobile capture technologies have helped the development of virtual people, and also promoted the further development of voice synthesis technology. The first generation of virtual Idol "chuyin future" was also born in this period. In the high-speed development stage, deep learning algorithms, AI and other technologies have promoted the development of motion capture, expression capture, rendering and other technologies. Virtual human can highly restore the image of real people and realize real-time driving. Emerging technologies in various fields have accelerated the growth of the virtual human industry. In recent years, virtual people have put more emphasis on the combination of AI and virtual people, aiming to be applied to life and pan entertainment scenarios.

Track 4: culture and tourism meta universe

Cultural tourism industry is a collection of tourism activities that take the viewing objects and leisure and entertainment modes created by tourism operators as consumption contents and enable tourists to obtain rich cultural connotation and deep participation in tourism experience. It is itself a product of the integration of cultural industry and tourism industry. Therefore, the prosperity and prosperity of cultural tourism industry depends on the development of cultural value of tourism resources by operators. How to create and sell such culture and cultural symbols and form long-term effective interaction between consumers and such cultural symbols is the key to its development. The characteristics of metauniverse, such as extreme immersion experience, extreme space-time openness, strong social attributes, effective interaction between reality and virtual reality and continuous creativity, are of great significance to the development and experience improvement of cultural symbols in the cultural and tourism industry. The combination of cultural tourism industry and meta universe: the development and sales of cultural symbol value in the era of science and technology can not be separated from the support of digital means. The creation of cultural tourism meta universe space is conducive to breaking through the restrictions of time and space on tourism resources, breaking through the boundaries of online and offline travel experience, and establishing a new type of cultural tourism consumption mode.

Track 5: medical metauniverse

At present, the medical metauniverse is mainly based on the point exploration of "a new generation of information / digital technology + medical scene", in which VR / AR and other virtual technologies are rapidly implemented. Although the medical metaverse industry as a whole is still in the early stage of concept, in fact, with the rapid advancement of the digital development process of the medical and health industry, the six basic technologies of the metaverse currently recognized have been partially applied in the medical and health industry from the perspective of network and computing, Internet of things, blockchain, interactive technology, artificial intelligence and so on. However, due to the differences in the maturity of various technologies themselves, most of them present a point like exploration of "a new generation of information / digital technology + medical scene".

In the dot like exploration of the above-mentioned multiple scenarios, VR / AR, 3D printing, AI imaging and other technologies have entered a period of rapid technological development with the progress of 5g, hardware and other infrastructure support capabilities after experiencing multiple rounds of industrial investment boom and freezing point ups and downs, but they have not yet been widely applied in the medical industry. In terms of digital therapy, holographic digital people, digital health management and other aspects, in addition to the immature technology and data to be accumulated, the legal, compliant and safe use of medical data and relevant policy support are necessary prerequisites for the rapid development of technology. As for cutting-edge technologies such as brain computer interface and surgical robot, they are currently the focus of venture capital, but there is still a long way to go before the technology matures and clinical application.

Track 6: Industrial yuan universe

The industrial metauniverse is a virtual space parallel to and independent of the real industrial world. It is the true reflection of the real industrial world in the digital world and the holographic digital industrial world. Moreover, with the continuous development and improvement of cloud computing, 3D design, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), digital twin, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain, 5g / 6G and other technologies, the industrial meta universe will become more mature, and the virtual industrial world will become closer to and even surpass the real industrial world. When any link of industrial design, production and manufacturing is enabled and supported by a widely used and mapped virtual world, it marks that the manufacturing industry has officially entered the era of industrial meta universe; When transactions and production begin to use blockchain technology to record and confirm rights, it means that our manufacturing industry has entered the stage of industrial meta universe.

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