How to measure the built-up area of a city

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How to measure the built - up area of a city? In fact, we should first understand the definition of built - up area. Although scholars have many specific definitions of built - up area, generally speaking, we call a continuous construction area of a city as built - up area.
How to measure? In the current data environment, it is easy for everyone to obtain the latest satellite remote sensing aerial photos, frame the continuous construction area and calculate the area by means of manual tracing. This kind of work is often used by planners in the preparation of urban master plans.
But the reason why I talk about this topic today is that a up master, with this content as the theme, has released a series of videos to measure the urban built - up area of various provinces and prefecture level cities. I have to praise this work, which is also a popular science in the planning industry. Who is the up master? Here is his link: . This issue is the ranking of prefecture level cities and built - up areas in Hubei Province. Let's see if he measured it right.

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