A new direction of "intelligent planning and urban design" in Southeast University

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In 2022, the School of Architecture of Southeast University set up a new direction of "intelligent planning and urban design" in Wuxi Campus of Southeast University. Since 2023, students will be recruited and selected from candidates who have reached the retest line of urban planning (professional degree) of the School of Architecture.

In recent years, the rapid development of computer and spatial information technology has had a profound impact on urban systems and daily life, and has also provided a powerful tool for in-depth mining and cognition of urban spatial characteristics. From discipline development to industry practice, urban and rural planning urgently calls for integration and innovation based on discipline intersection. In this context, how to integrate superior resources, promote interdisciplinary integration, and cultivate future oriented and service oriented talents? How to effectively respond to the urgent needs of profound transformation of urban and rural development and high-quality development in the new era? These problems are major opportunities and challenges for the development of urban and rural planning discipline and personnel training.

The professional direction of "intelligent planning and urban design" focuses on urban and rural planning, closely cooperates with a number of national "double first-class" Class A disciplines such as architecture, computer, information, transportation, civil engineering and automation, and conducts interdisciplinary integration. Facing the needs of the era of intelligence and digitalization, we will build a scientific research and innovation education platform focusing on cutting-edge technologies and innovative planning methods. Achieve scientific research innovation and practice sharing in urban intelligent analysis, intelligent planning, intelligent design, intelligent construction, intelligent management and control, intelligent operation and maintenance and other application fields.

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