City ​​renovation: It is an eternal theme in the process of urban development

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Any living body must be in the process of continuous growth and evolution, and must constantly renew, renew, and save lives. From the perspective of human development needs, we can see that there are still many needs that cannot be met.

Urban renewal is a process of reshaping physical space and social governance. It is necessary to consider six dimensions of urban development: natural habitat, high-quality facilities, space, cultural identity, good social governance, and economic vitality.

Urban renewal is an eternal theme in the process of urban development

The most classic case of urban renewal and renovation is the urban renovation plan of Haussmann Paris, which aims to alleviate the contradiction between the rapid development of the city and the relatively lagging functional structure. Paris became one of the most beautiful and modern big cities in the world at that time.

The urban renewal and transformation of Beijing began from the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The movie "Dragon Beard Ditch" recorded the great improvement of the living environment caused by the urban renewal and transformation, and also told the urban changes of the new Beijing. The urban renewal and transformation of Shanghai began in 1951, when the shanty towns of Gundilong were transformed into Caoyang New Village to solve the housing problem for the working class. The renovation of Shenzhen started as early as 2000. The renovation of Ludan Village is a classic case. The process has been going through 15 years, and the construction was completed in 2017. These cases fully demonstrate that urban renewal is an eternal process.

Urban renewal action is a systematic project that requires overall coordination

1. Coordinate the three major structures of space, scale and industry to improve the overall situation of urban work.

2. Overall planning, construction, and management of the three major links to improve the systematicness of urban work.

3. Coordinate the three major links of reform, science and technology, and culture to improve the sustainability of urban development.

4. Coordinate the three major layouts of production, living and ecology to improve the livability of urban development.

5. Coordinate the three main bodies of government, society and citizens, and improve the enthusiasm of urban development.

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