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123.jpg1. Richter scale map

Nine point five uses webgl 3D visualization technology to explore the earthquake distribution in the past 30 years. In this 3D Earth visualization, it can be seen that most earthquakes are distributed along the plate tectonic boundary


2. Portland 3D City

In this 3D City, all buildings and trees are textured. In addition to the 3D roaming function, it can also change the direction of the sun at different times of the year

website: 3dWebScene=04b66d38061849149d3c59c9d07604c0

3. Global dynamic weather map

Ventusky is created by the Czech meteorological expert team. It can capture wind, rain, temperature and other information in animated maps, and realize the visualization of 14 kinds of climate information


Using near real-time weather data, earth null school can see the current air flow, meteorology, ocean and environmental pollution. It uses supercomputers to predict these weather patterns and update the weather map every three hours


4、Show Me the Way

Show me the way interactively shows the latest collaboration achievements of OpenStreetMap, and you can see the process of digitizing the earth by partners from all over the world


5、AGOL Web Scenes

ArcGIS online (agol) web scenes supports 3D viewing in any type of web browser. The following two figures are point cloud scene and 3D indoor office space respectively


6. Whale tracker

Whale tracker network map can track different types of whales migrating around the Hawaiian Islands. It is a powerful tool for studying the movement of whales in the Pacific


7. Satellite map

Tens of thousands of satellites are loaded on the network map. The satellites can be screened in the left sidebar. Click any satellite in the map to know its operation track, launch country, launch time and other information


8、Flight Radar 24

Flight radar 24 provides global aircraft tracking service and can provide real-time information of thousands of aircraft around the world. It can not only visually see the aircraft location, but also know the airline, flight altitude, punctuality and other information


9、Marine Traffic

This maritime traffic network map uses automatic identification system (AIS) to track ships and locate ships by type, capacity and last known location


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