Kindergarten planning: Beisha village kindergarten, Funing County, Jiangsu Province

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1. Beisha village is located in Funing County, Jiangsu Province. Funing County has certain cultural heritage and is located in the water network of Jiangsu Province, with good water resources; Outside Beisha village is a vast plain, with uneven trees, fields and houses, creating a mysterious and curious atmosphere.

2. With the government's attention to rural work, attention has been paid to rural areas that once lacked educational resources. In 2015, Funing County government entrusted Crossboundaries to design a central kindergarten for Beisha village under its jurisdiction. Common Rural Kindergartens usually copy the urban model and ignore the inner needs of rural children, but the design team designs kindergartens from another way of thinking.

3. With the theme of "mini village", Beisha kindergarten decomposes the total building volume required by the kindergarten into "cabin style" group buildings suitable for children's play and life and close to nature; The local old green brick and white plaster are selected as the facade materials of the "hut", and the facade of the house is diversified in unity; A transparent square window is opened on the bottom of the "cabin", creating an interesting communication space for children; Adopt different undulating roofs to expand the daily space experience of children playing on the activity platform on the second floor.

4. Designers use "cordial scale" and "interesting spatial relationship" to create a space that exists in the farmland environment and children can have close contact with nature, so as to make the building a "second home" for children to feel warm.

5. This "mini village" not only enriches children's spatial experience, but also becomes a place for local villagers to communicate. Designers believe that through such design, they can provide children with the opportunity to have close contact with nature and society, and make them grow up happily in such an environment.




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