Innovation Park: Apple's new headquarters campus2.0

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1. Apple's new headquarters campus2.0 is located in the west of San Jose, covering an area of 2.8 million square feet (about 260000 square meters), a certain distance from the downtown of San Jose. The design of the new headquarters building is presented to everyone as a huge ring building, like "a landing spacecraft", which is compared to "giant glass doughnuts" by the American media.

2. The new headquarters was designed by jobs during his lifetime. He hoped that the new headquarters building would be a "park style office building" with a lot of green space for walking and meetings. With this idea, jobs immediately invited foster + partner to carry out architectural planning and design. The designer of the headquarters building was Norman Foster, a representative of the "High Tech School". Norman Foster pays attention to practical and modern architectural aesthetics of colleges and universities, and prefers modern building materials such as steel, glass and plastic, which are also well reflected in Apple's new headquarters.

3. Apple's new headquarters includes a product exhibition hall, an auditorium, a four storey basement garage, a basketball court, an employee restaurant, a R & D center, a fitness center, Steve Jobs theater, etc. this huge "O" building is supported by large pillars and steel structures, and the large courtyard in the middle includes orchards and parks. The building itself uses the world's largest curved glass curtain wall, weakening the boundary between building and nature and realizing zero distance contact between man and nature.

4. From the comparison of the base before and after the architectural design, the new headquarters building is more concentrated. In order to promote creativity and cooperation, the original scattered buildings have become a single high-performance large-scale single family building. The green space covers the interior and exterior of the "O" shaped building, and the green space area of the park has increased significantly.

5. Changes in transportation mode: the planning and design of the new headquarters gives priority to multiple intermodal modes, advocates low-carbon travel, and improves bicycle access by integrating "enhanced bicycle lanes", so as to attract commuters to use buffer lanes.

6. Far from the city center and surrounded by a large area of parks, this design has also caused some controversy. If someone is worried, Apple's new headquarters is a typical "capitalist pastoral style". In fact, the rise of Apple's new headquarters reflects a unique design concept, that is, "stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and advocate suburban pastoral life - isolation, proprietary, elegant environment and isolation from urban space." at the same time, it provides a new way of life - you can only see the lush pastoral landscape of your colleagues and outside the window every day, After entering this spaceship, the shared responsibility of metropolitan collectivism will be far away from your life.


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