Urban renewal: Shanghai Music Valley

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Located in the center of Shanghai, Shanghai Music Valley is the only historical and cultural area in Shanghai to preserve a complete water system pattern. So far, there are still a large number of Shikumen buildings with unique Hongkou characteristics. It is a very representative geographical and cultural landmark in the process of urban evolution in Shanghai. At the same time, it is also one of the three national music industry clusters. The characteristic cultural and creative buildings transformed from old factories and the original ecological life atmosphere of the Eighth National Congress make Shanghai Music valley full of charm. However, some Shikumen buildings have a long history and outdated facilities, the living conditions of residents are worrying, and the environment needs to be improved urgently.

In order to cooperate with the urban experience upgrading and industrial upgrading of music Valley, FTA proposed the design concept of "culture as the body and music as the soul", and conceived the overall scheme for the urban renewal of music Valley, including industrial planning, economic feasibility analysis, urban design and key architectural scheme design. The whole area covers multiple elements such as industry, commerce, office, tourism, entertainment and culture, It aims to build an urban innovation community that can "influence the world and enter life".

1. Development mode: adopt the development mode of "three areas integration" of park, community and scenic spot

2. Operation mode: adopt the development operation mode of government guided management, enterprise operation and social participation.

3. Overall idea: create an performing arts ring that can undertake the three grand feasts of "Carnival + music Expo + Shanghai style release", including four theaters, a Music Museum and an open-air stage with five music themes, and turn it into a music show for musicians, music lovers and ordinary citizens.

4. Functional layout: the sea music Valley is divided into five functional blocks, namely the national music industry base, music experience leisure and entertainment, Shikumen historical and cultural heritage protection, historical residential community, music characteristic business and design boutique hotel.

5. On the west side of the core plot, Shikumen buildings are mainly preserved and reconstructed to create a cultural carrier with Shanghai style, and make the internal activities of the buildings explicit; On the east side of the main road of Lincheng City, a landmark building with musical rhythm and rhythm is built in combination with the old factory building, so as to make it a visible interpretation stage of the city, enhance the vitality of the region, and attract citizens to visit it as a destination.

6. The plan emphasizes integration with the city, connecting various cultural and tourist attractions of music Valley and North Bund through coherent pedestrian routes, so as to create a leisure route that can be visited, enjoyed and purchased.


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