Pastoral complex: ecorium national ecological project in Korea

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1. Korea national ecological engineering project base is located in ecoplex ecological park, Shuchuan County, Korea. It is a government led regional and natural environment protection area for collecting, studying and displaying various ecological species in Korea.

2. The design of the project follows three basic concepts: from nature, becoming nature and communicating with nature.

3. Organic natural lines come from the extraction of elements in nature, convey strong and dynamic energy, and become the representative symbol of the National Institute of ecology.

4. Through new technologies and proprietary technologies, the earth's ecological environment can be reproduced in the "global ecosystem" of five different climate zones, so as to make the venue a part of the natural environment.

5. In addition to the venues with five ecosystems in the base, there are also outdoor wetlands, zoos, polar gardens, Penguin halls, outdoor deer gardens, children's playgrounds, etc. to provide experiential ecological education experience space to induce tourists to immerse themselves in the natural environment and communicate with nature.




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